About Security

All of the information of customers , is introduced strictly manage the SSL server certificate is stored in a dedicated data server as the most important secret .

SSL server certificate

The SSL server certificate , information of the owner of the web site , the key necessary to encrypt the transmission information , is an electronic certificate that had the signature data of the issuer .

  1. Proof that you are the owner of the certificate to the displayed domain (server)
  2. Realization of SSL encrypted communication between the browser and the web server

This customer is able to check the and " destination information" , and " the information to be transmitted is encrypted " , can send information at ease .

Safe money management funded by fractionation

Customers of the funds that have been deposited in Webllet account , you entrust all to the Custodian bank, it has been strictly separation and our funds .
We , settlement , because you are doing a specialized service to the transfer , absolutely we do not do acts such as lending to the production and third-party deposits .

The personal information protection technology and management

Webllet systems , SSL technology is the industry standard encryption system , the monitoring of unauthorized access to the web server by a firewall , it has prevented unauthorized access to your data .

Also, to be technical to administrative also , periodically review how to manage personal information , we are reliably protect your personal information .

The Anti-Phishing by VeriSign EV SSL

EV SSL certificate , based on the certification guidelines of the world standard , is intended to be issued to the web site management organization that has undergone a rigorous examination .
You , the safety of the communication by the strong encryption , because of the phishing fraud prevention , have adopted the VeriSign 's EV SSL of the industry 's largest .
When you login to Webllet, please confirm that the bar of the URL is green . Communication of Webllet is , it is a testament that are protected in a safe in the EV SSL.

Prevent unauthorized access by international standard server

By using a server that conforms to international security standards of the credit card industry , to prevent a variety of unauthorized access .

Installation of ISACA Certification (CISA) holders

The Company has been promoting internal and external information security measures around the ISACA Certification (CISA) holders . Installation of ISACA Certification (CISA) holders

This ISACA information systems , information security , IT governance , risk management , information system audit , information security audit , etc. , is an international organization of ICT experts , countries including the United States is placing the certification holders in the company it is recommended by the financial institutions . Company , is promoting the internal and external information security measures around the ISACA Certification (CISA) holders . Installation of ISACA Certification (CISA) holders

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