Various fees Webllet is to pursue your eyes , overwhelmingly cheap commission form even when compared with other companies ( other banks ) was achieved . We will pursue a low pricing for further customer service improvements in the future.

【 Account activation fee 】

Individual:Free   Corporation:Free

Payment fees from other banks Per , USD $ 3-
Payment fee in the bank Per , USD $ 3-
International money transfer fees to other banks Per , USD $ 35-
International remittance set back commission Per , USD $ 50-
Withdrawal fee to other companies payment service Per , USD $ 3-
Payment fees from third-party payment service Per , USD $ 3-
Withdrawal fee to the merchant service Per , USD $ 3-
Payment fee from the merchant SERVICES Per , USD $ 3-
Fee back set due to lack of fees and insufficient funds Per , USD $ 50-
Monthly account maintenance fee Individual:Free   
Corporation:USD $ 50-
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- 2018/07/19
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System maintenance date and time:
6th August 2018 Monday 12:00 AM - 3:00 PM

We are sorry for bothering you, we appreciate for your cooperation.

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