Privacy Policy

Webllet Service Limited “Webllet” is engaged in the business of electronic payment service and deals with many personal information.

We are thinking that protecting personal information is fundamental to our business activities and a social responsibility. Along with the and progress of information technology such as the internet in recent years and the growing social demands for protection of personal information, we have established the following personal information protection policy concerning the handling of personal information as follows, we will continue to thoroughly for the officers and related employees .

The term ”Personal Information” used in this policy refers to information that allows you to directly or indirectly customers, using names, ID numbers, location date, online identifiers, or identifiers such as the characteristics of one or more customers.

In the EU General data protection rule 2016”GDPR”,Webllet is the controller of personal information and is responsible for Webllet website including ,, ”Webllet site”.

Privacy Policy for Webllet

  1. Webllet acquires, uses and provides the appropriate personal information according to business contents and scale.
  2. Webllet identifies the intended use of personal information and takes appropriate measures to ensure that the use of personal information does not deviate from its purpose.
  3. Webllet will comply with the law concerning the use of personal information, the policy set by the government, and other related government ordinance.
  4. Webllet establishes a safety management system that prevents leakage, loss, erasure or damage of personal information.
  5. Webllet promptly respond to disclosure requests, inquiries, and complaints regarding personal information by our customer service.
  6. Webllet will examine the information safety management system and improve it accordingly.

About collect information by Webllet

The personal information collected from customers and the collecting personal information about customer as follows.

  • The customer provide to Webllet about personal information.
    Customers may provide personal information including names and contacts because filling out form or responding to Webllet by post, telephone, email or otherwise.
    This including by customers provide information for inquiring about Webllet products and services, registering to use these, subscribing to Webllet publications, requesting the sending of advertisement items and sending feedback.
  • The personal information collected by Webllet.
    We will be collected information automatically for opening a Webllet site by customer’s equipment, browsing and patterns, date of access to Webllet site, the website you visited before browsing the Webllet site, your browser, OS, IP address and technical information on domain name.
    However, the content recorded in the access log is not used connecting with personal information.
    It will used as server management information to help improve Webllet sites and services.
    The customer can disable the cookie function by setting the browser, but as a result, all or part of the service on the website may become unusable.


Like many other websites, Webllet also uses tools called "cookie" to make Webllet sites even more convenient for our customers.

The cookie is small data transferred between the web server and your web browser and stored as a file on your computer disk or mobile phone device.

Webllet main to using cookie for the following purposes.

  • You don’t have to enter the password each time when you use the service.
  • Customers can experience customer specifications on Webllet sites and services
  • Analysis work to understand the activities of customers using Webllet services.

Customers can disable cookie functions by choosing browser settings.
However, please note that in that case, it may be impossible to use all or some services of the Webllet site.

The details on the Webllet cookie policy, please see the cookie policy.

The purpose of Webllet’s information processing.

Webllet uses your personal information for the following purposes.

  • Customer identification
  • Respond to customer's questions and provide related customer service.
  • Detect and prevent fraud and other money-related crimes
  • Webllet information, system, and network monitoring with protection.
  • Perform research and product development and improvement for the purposes of internal business survey.
  • Contacting the customer that the Webllet site and other services have changed.
  • Promote sales and commercial activities, present and promote sales related to customers.
  • Content originating from the Webllet site will be presented most effectively to customer and its computers.
  • Presenting content based on the customer’ interest.
  • The customer can research information in Webllet site.
  • Improve the Webllet site to find out what you need and what you are interested in to promote and advertise better for you.


We may send emails from Webllet for the purpose of presenting Webllet's services, functions, research, news, sales promotion, contents and events.
You can choose not to receive these emails.
Webllet may use third party service to send email or smooth communication with customers.

Providing information

We treat your personal information as confidential.For the purposes stipulated in this policy on the protection of personal information, Webllet can provide your personal information to the following persons.

  • The group company of Webllet.
  • Expert advisors such as audit, accountants and lawyers of Webllet.
  • The company such as data storage, maintenance services, database management, web analysis, and payment procedures that provides services and support Webllet's business activities.
  • A third party that Webllet elected to sell, transfer, or consolidate its business or a portion of its assets or Webllet acquires or consolidates another company, the partner company. If any changes are made to the Webllet's business, the new owner will use your personal information in the same way as the provision of this personal information protection policy.

Webllet protects the rights of Webllet, protects the safety of customers and other people, investigates fraud, responds to government requests and third parties unless notification is prohibited by applicable law, In the case of faithful consideration that disclosure is necessary with the prior consent of the customer, you can disclose your personal information as a legal obligation, such as by summoning by a court or following similar court proceedings.

Webllet obliges all third parties to handle customer's personal information safely and treat it according to law.

Webllet does not allow a third-party service provider to use your personal information for its own purposes and for your specific purposes and to process your personal information in accordance with Webllet's instructions I will only allow you.

In the case where personal information of individuals based on Europe is provided to third parties in non-European countries that are not qualified for adequacy from the European commission, Webllet is authorized to approve the European commission for data transfer who will rely on standard contract provisions and safety measures such as secret shielding framework between EU-US and Switzerland-US.

Webllet is an international company group, the headquartered in Hong Kong.

We also work with third-party service providers from various countries, including cloud providers, web hosting, help desk software providers, and payment processors.
Customer information will be transferred outside the European Economic Area “EEA” and stored or processed in other countries “including Hong Kong, Singapore and US” as part of our business operations.
By the using the Webllet site, you agree that your information will be forwarded to these locations.
In the case of transferring personal information from the EEA to a country where the European commission does not qualify for adequacy, Webllet is required to provide reasonable safety measures for information transfer, such as the standard contract clauses approved by the European Commission and the EU-US confidentiality protection framework I rely on.

The storage period of information

Webllet keeps personal information in a format that can identify you, as long as the period of time required for personal information processing is not exceeded.
Webllet will use your personal information that may not be technically reasonable if it is technically reasonable to abide by legal obligations, resolve the dispute, even carry it out as far as necessary to carry out the agreement and the right, or to take it elsewhere. Otherwise, we will try to erase your personal information within reasonable time after request.


The Webllet site uses "SSL" to protect personal information.By using a browser that supports the safety function, if you visit the Webllet site, enter personal information including name and email address and this information is transferred to Webllet's server, this information will be sent to the server when it is sent to the server, A third party automatically encrypts it.
So there is no worry that the content will be stolen, even if the transmitted data is intercepted by someone.

If you use a not support SSL browser , you cannot access the Webllet site or you cannot enter information.

Right to be confidential in Europe

  • Only European residents
    Webllet collects and processes your personal information only if there is a legal basis for processing under the data protection law including GDPR.
    The legal basis depends on the purpose of Webllet processing your personal information. Webllet collects and uses your personal information only in the following cases.
  • It is necessary to provide services including the operation of the Webllet site, customer support and provision of customer-specified products and securing the safety and protection of the Webllet site.
  • It is necessary to obtain survey and development, sales and promotion of Webllet site, and legitimate interests (degree of not harming customer's rights and interests) such as protection of legal rights and interests of Webllet.
  • If you agree to collect or use for a specific purpose or you need to process your personal information in order to comply with legal obligations.

Even if you agree to use personal information for a specific purpose, you have the right to change your mind at any time.

Webllet can send newsletters and promotional emails using your e-mail address.
Webllet asks you to agree in accordance with the law when you provide personal information for the first time. Customers can opt out according to the non-subscription instructions included in these e-mails or contact the Webllet using the contact page on the Webllet site.

  • In certain circumstances, you have rights on GDPR regarding your personal information.
    However, the right to keep these data confidential does not apply to Webllet when Webllet processes your personal information as a person who processes data for Webllet customers. In that case, please exercise your right to confidential data in Europe for that customer (data controller after all) of Webllet.
  • Access request to personal information.
    You are responsible for the purpose of processing personal information and personal information of customers owned by Webllet, the scope of recipients or receivers of personal information and, if possible, the period during which personal information is stored, individual You may have the right to request access to relevant information, including information sources of information and whether automatic judgment system exists.
  • Request for correction of personal information
    You may have the right to correct incorrect parts of your personal information held by Webllet without unreasonable delay.
  • Request to erase personal information
    You may have the right to request the erase of your personal information.
  • Request for limiting processing of personal information
    You may have the right to prohibit or limit the processing of your personal information.
  • Personal information transfer request
    In cases where it is technically feasible, you may have the right to transfer your personal information directly to a third party.

If you think that Webllet does not comply with this policy on personal information protection and obligation under GDPR, you have the right to file a complaint to the EU data protection authority.

Contact information

If you have any questions about Webllet's policy regarding the protection of this personal information or its execution, please contact us from the inquiry page of the Webllet site.

About change of this policy

We may revise this policy by changing the information administrative practice of Webllet.
If there are important revisions, we will notify you by notifying the Webllet site before the revision becomes effective.
For the new information on Webllet's personal information protection practice, please regularly viewing this page.

Revision history

June 20th 2018 Revision
August 12th 2017 Revision
March 28th 2016 Revision
August 20th 2015 Enactment

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